How I work


HandDesign is our philosophy of creation. Each finger of HandDesign represents one of the fundamental principles upon which our products are designed.

Hand Made

Some of the Arts&Crafts principles are in a comeback and give work to artists and craftspeople.  We mainly use hand tools, although we do not exclude small electrical tools, particularly when we can power them with renewable energy. Volume production is also possible.


New design products may be fabricated partly or entirely from materials recycled from other products or discarded materials.
Please note that our creative reuse of products or discarded materials does not mean we condone the manner in which the industry uses non-recyclable and non-renewable resources.


From an ecological standpoint, new product development and the materials used to create them should be seen as a cradle-to-grave process taking into account materials and how they are processed, packaging, energy consumption, transport, and the ultimate environmental impact of the disposal of the product.
The ideal is to furnish small production facilities with locally sourced raw materials as well as to pass on information about the origins of these materials.

Fair Trade

Myself as an individual, time and love are the things that one cannot buy. When I create an object with my hands, my time and my heart, you will appreciate paying a fair price for it. My team/partners and I set a fair price: if it seems small to you and you wish to pay more, we are pleased to welcome your gesture. Likewise, if the price seems too steep, you can point to the “Do-it-Yourself” or “Let’s Workshop“ fingers of the HandDesign philosophy. You will participate in the HandDesign’s approach to fair trade.

Buy it – Do it yourself – Let’s workshop

Option 1. Purchase a finished product.
Option 2. Purchase the layout of one of our design concepts and produce the product yourself.
Option 3. Take part in one of our workshops and create your own product with our support.

Slow Design

The HandDesign principles align with the ideals of the Slow Movement.

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